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Bingo, once upon a time Bingo was a non profitable game which was considered to be a game of elderly people and was played mostly at churches and retirement homes. Bingo was unattractive to the majority of the population but in the last few years the game of Bingo had gained much popularity and not by mere commercial publicity. The change of the Bingo's esteem came slowly but without a doubt it's rising every day.

The ever changing world of the gambling world was a bit unprepared for the transform of the Bingo from a game of elderly citizens and Christians to an attractive game, all were surprised by it.

The games of Bingo are so simply that any child can grasp the main idea. In Bingo there are the tablets and on them numbers are printed at random, any kind of combination exists. The tablets consist with five rows and five columns thus the number of squares formed by the rows and columns is twenty five. The goal is to complete a complete row, column or a diagonal line from on side to the other side of the Bingo's square.

A small and round cage is set on a stage where the manager of the Bingo game sits. From a foyer in the cage the manager then pulls a ball which on it a number is marked. Usually the numbers go from one to ninety nine. After the number is pulled by the manager he then announces the number out loud. If the number is present on your tablet than you can cross it or strike a hole in it, this indication will help you to monitor the numbers which already been pulled out by the manager of the game. If you completed a full row, column or diagonal lines than you win. Five numbers in the right order will guarantee you a prize.

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Charities Allowed to Continue Operations by Manchester Regulatory Board

The three displaced charities,Prayer Hall, Upreach Therapeutic Riding Center and the American Legion Jutras Post have been given permission by the Manchester Regulatory Board to operate in the second-floor space in the former Leighton Machine Company Headquarters in east Manchester. The three charities used to operate on the Amoskeag Bingo Center but the new owners the West Side Bingo terminated their leases after taking over the facility last May.

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Julie Winstone from the Center of Visual Cognition at the University of Southampton recently conducted a study that shows that bingo playing is good for a persons brain. The benefits of playing bingo to the brain are that it helps lessen memory loss, boosts the brains hand and eye coordination and enhances memory.

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