Online Bingo

Bingo is a popular pastime around the world. In 2003, it is estimated that 1.5 billion enthusiasts played bingo. This is more than the number of moviegoers and bowling enthusiasts combined. Bingo events are looked forward to and organized for social play, playing for money or for fundraising events. In the past, Bingo is played in large halls, community clubs, county fairs or even church halls.

However, even Bingo did not escape modernism and was quickly revolutionized by the Internet. Traditional bingo is still pretty much going strong but without a doubt, online bingo is getting more and more popular every passing year. With no messy inks or markers and without the hassle of finding parking space in the local club, playing Bingo online at the comfort of one's home certainly has its appeal. The thrill of playing against people around the world even adds to the excitement.

As Internet grew, so did the number of bingo sites. Just do a quick online search on bingo and you will find hundreds of websites dedicated to the game or part of gaming websites. Due to the stunning number of sites, it also pays to look around carefully before signing up. Online bingo games are set out for fun or for social pay. The most popular sites are still the free gaming sites, which offer free Bingo games online. However, some sites cater to gamers who play for money and lures gamblers with high stakes. Payouts are usually higher than in traditional gaming halls since there are more players and consequentially more money in the pot. As such, Bingo betting enthusiasts are fast switching online to play their favorite game.

Some websites offer bingo money as an incentive and to lure online gamers to use their website. Others offer free games and charge for succeeding games while others offer true free online games. To begin, you will usually be asked to open an account before you can start playing. Do check out the rules before making a cash commitment. You should understand the minimum bid to be eligible for a prize and the criteria for winning a game or collecting the jackpot. It is also important to know the gambling laws in your area. Check if online gambling is legal in your locale.

Regardless where you are playing - be at a local community club or on a virtual gaming hall, Bingo is and remains an exciting pastime.