Bingo Helps Keep Mind in Better Shape

The recent study conducted by Julie Winstone of the Center for Visual Cognition at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom, states that by playing bingo, a person boosts his brain functions like hand and eye coordination and memory recall, that generally deteriorates as a person grows older.

Furthermore, bingo players experience less memory deterioration than those who do not play bingo. Their ability to absorb surrounding information around them is more greater than non players.

One of the main reasons is that bingo players usually play in bingo halls and in places that are not that silent and in a bingo game, you must be focused and alert so that you can hear what number the bingo caller is saying. If you missed even one number or get it incorrect, chances are that you will not win the game.

Julie Winstone also added that the level of performance that are showned by bingo players belonging in the older catgeory was surprisingly the same as those who belongs to the younger set.

She also said that although the younger players brain response was faster than the older players, the older players had the edge when it comes to accuracy during specific tests.

Julie Winstone is planning to conduct further tests so she can determine whether or not bingo playing skills have other effects on the brain besides those benefits that are already discovered and mentioned.