Some Creative Bingo Patterns

It would be safe to say that bingo players are the most creative of all gambling players throughout the whole gambling history. As if they were not satisfied from the first set of patterns, they have created among themselves more elaborate and creative patterns that are being played today. Here are some of the latest designs in bingo patterns:

Window Shade - although some gambling players are not exactly sure why this bingo pattern is called as such, because it does not resemble much the true window shade, it is still among the favorites today. Achieving this bingo pattern is quite simple. Gambling players must be able to cover all the numbers from the first two rows and the last two numbers of the middle column in their bingo cards.

Missing Link - a lot of gambling players are reminded of the large picture frame pattern when they see the missing link pattern. Why not? After all, this pattern is simply a large picture frame pattern, but with a number missing. That is why its name is truly appropriate to this pattern. To form this pattern, gambling players should supposedly cover all the numbers of the first and last columns and rows of the bingo card to depict the large picture frame pattern. However, gambling players must leave out the fourth number of the first row for it to be a missing link.

Indian Star - many gambling players are not familiar with the indian star until they learned to play bingo. In this pattern, gambling players must cover all the numbers of the middle column, plus form two diagonal patterns as well. The free space becomes the intersection point of these lines.

Champagne Bottle - this pattern is very much recognizable by gambling players who also are party animals. To be able to win with this pattern at play, a gambling player must be the first one to cover all the numbers of the middle column, and the last three numbers of the second and fourth columns of his or her bingo card.

Little Brown Jug - there will be quite a number of gambling players who would tell you that this pattern is the small version of the Champagne Bottle Pattern. After all, it really does look like a shortened champagne bottle pattern. Not only is it shorter, but it is also stout, unlike the champagne bottle which looks slender. In this pattern, gambling players must cover the first three numbers of the fourth and the last two rows plus the second number of the middle row.