Playing Bible Themed Bingo

Bingo is indeed a wonderful game to play and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The game is very popular in community groups and in churches. Not only that, the game is also a popular educational tool. A lot of teachers agree that bingo game is an ideal classroom activity to facilitate fun learning. This is due to the fact the game is very easy to learn and it has a high capability to adapt to any kind of subject. It does not require any expensive material for you to be able to play the game.

The traditional bingo game is represented by a bingo card with a five by five grid containing numbers. The players will then mark these numbers as soon as the bingo caller calls out the number that corresponds to it. Depending on the rules of the game you adapt in different kind of version, the main objective of the game is to check off a particular pattern given to be declared as the winner.

In the educational variation of the game, the same basic rules apply however there are some differences with regards to the details of the game. One great educational variation of the game is bible bingo. In this, the numbers are replaced with the names of the people found in the New and Old Testament of the bible. It can also be a name of saints or other biblical stories and events.

This variation is widely used in bible or religious classes. Young children will learn things found on the bible. Some teachers put a twist on the game. Like for example, in claiming the winning spot, instead of shouting "bingo!" the players must call out "Noah!" once they have completed a winning pattern. After finishing the game, teachers usually digest what they have learned about the bible and you will be surprised on how the players or the students absorbed the lesson well.

Bible bingo is a fun activity especially for the young ones. It is important that at an early age, these kids would learn about the history of our Christianity, about what happened in the past that made us who we are now. With this, not only that they learn about what is written in the bible, they will also recognize the people who preached God's teachings and with that they will develop their Christian faith at an early age.